10 Steps to Overcome Pride

Red stairs with white text, "Watch Your Step"

This article was written by state missionary Rob Jackson.

As we discussed last week, pride is a common human struggle that can hinder your spiritual growth and relationship with Christ. These ten steps help overcome pride in your life:

1. Daily Examination and Surrender

Begin each day with a prayerful self-examination, asking God to reveal any areas of pride in your thoughts, actions and attitudes. Humbly surrender your heart to God’s guidance.

2. Accountability and Feedback

Seek accountability from trusted friends or mentors. Ask them to provide honest feedback about any signs of pride they may observe in your life. Be open to their insights and willing to make necessary changes. Prayerfully consider your accountability partners. 

3. Genuine Repentance

When pride is revealed, don’t just acknowledge it, but genuinely repent from it. Approach God with a contrite heart, recognizing the gravity of pride as a sin. Allow yourself to be broken over your sin and ask for forgiveness.

4. Prayer for Transformation

Continuously pray for God’s transforming grace. Ask Him to help you strip off pride and clothe yourself with humility. Pray for His Spirit to work in you, producing the fruit of humility through His power in every area of your life.

5. Scripture Immersion

Immerse yourself in the Bible, especially passages that emphasize God’s sovereignty, majesty and holiness. Besides the Psalms and Prophets, explore the life and teachings of Jesus, the Epistles and Old Testament narratives. Let these verses recalibrate your view of God’s greatness and your frailty.

6. Focused Worship

Engage in intentional and focused times of worship. Set aside regular periods for praising God. Let worship become a cornerstone of your spiritual routine, helping you cultivate a heart of gratitude and humility before God.

7. Service and Sacrificial Love

Engage in acts of service and sacrificial love towards others. Look to Jesus as the ultimate example of humility and selflessness. Remember when He washed the disciples’ feet, an act only the lowest servants performed.

8. Embrace Humbling Experiences

Embrace humbling experiences and challenges that come your way. Instead of resisting difficulties, view them as opportunities for growth and refinement. These moments can help you develop greater humility as you rely on God’s strength and guidance.

9. Cultivate Gratitude

Cultivate a heart of gratitude. Regularly reflect on God’s blessings and the undeserved grace He has shown you. Gratitude helps counteract pride by reminding you of your dependence on God’s goodness.

10. Reflect on the Cross

Regularly meditate on Christ’s suffering on the cross. Reflect on the profound humility displayed by Jesus as He willingly suffered for the sake of humanity. The cross reminds us of the magnitude of God’s love and the selflessness we should strive for.
Remember, overcoming pride is an ongoing journey that requires a daily commitment to seeking God’s transformation in your life. By practicing these principles, you’ll be better equipped to cultivate a spirit of humility, drawing closer to God and reflecting His character to the world around you.