Ministry Moments

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8 Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid

Leadership is crucial! No church can experience significant kingdom advancement without a God-called leader. Being in a position of leadership is humbling, and it comes with a human responsibility to

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Mid-Year Review

I was drinking coffee with my mother early one morning, and she remarked, “Can you believe June is almost over? Just think, half of the year is gone. Time is flying by!”

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7 Ways to Deal with Difficult People

Dealing with difficult or mean-spirited people in a congregation can be a challenging aspect of pastoral ministry. Here are seven ways a Christian pastor can handle such situations: 1. Prayer:

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8 Suggestions to Rest

God created a day of rest. Therefore, you and I need rest. Sometimes, we are like Henry Martin, a 19th-century missionary to the Muslims, whose motto was, “Let me burn

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10 Deadly Sins of the Church

Jerry Watts (New Hope BC, Foxworth, MS) recently gave me an excellent book he and Kevin Hamm (FBC Gardendale) wrote, entitled The Repentance Road to Revival: The Ten Deadly Sins of

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8 Traits of Revitalized Churches 

Over the last few years, we rejoice over several Alabama Baptist churches experiencing revitalization. Revitalization is a process where a church becomes healthier over time. Naturally, each church is unique;

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