Intentional Leader Series


Comprehensive leadership development based on biblical principles and practical application.

The Intentional Leader Series will resource Pastors with the tools and information needed to flourish as a leader. Training events will be centered around the 4 P’s of Leadership: Person, Pastor, Preacher, and Pathfinder.

The Intentional Leader Series provides an ongoing process to be challenged as a leader. In July of 2022, the office of LeaderCare kicked off Intentional Leader by giving an overview. Each of the 4 P’s will have its own stand-alone conference. Below you will see the general idea of a Person, Pastor, Preacher, and Pathfinder.

You can view the initial kickoff event below:

Person: Who you are is at the heart of what you do. As a pastor or church leader you are a Christian. Your first priority is relating to God well. Intentionally relating to God and others and growing in an emotionally healthy way are vital to overall leadership. Self-awareness is one of the key’s to relating to others. Knowing who you are in Christ…

Pathfinder: Strategically leading with intentionality.

Pastor: Intentionally shepherding the sheep assigned to you. Relationship building is a major part of pastoring well. Your people will know if you genuinely care for them.

Preacher: Preaching with intentionality, with a goal as to where God wants to take His church.

Schedule of Events:

Intentional Leader Series: Person, Pastor, Preacher, and Pathfinder.

Other Opportunities:

Leadership Training for Deacons

Conflict Resolution

Pastor Search Committee Training

Coaching and Consultation

Transitional Pastor Training


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