10 Traits of Gen-Z

Phone, selfie and gen z friends in university shopping on summer holidays, vacation and having fun

This article was written by state missionary Rob Jackson.

I hope we all will watch the Jesus Revolution. God used young people to wake our nation! As we prepare for Resurrection Sunday, one of my prayers is for God to continue to move among our young people today. We all pray and long for another Jesus Revolution that shakes our nation and world. To better pray for Generation Z– those persons born between 1996 and 2014 (Ages 9 to 27)– I have compiled some of their traits:  

1. They are the largest age group.

They make up 27 % of the U.S Population. Millennials comprise 22%, Gen X 19%, and boomers 22%, with the Silent Generation (1928-45) and Greatest generation (born before 1927) combined are less than 10%. 

2. They are tech savvy.

Zs have never known a world without smartphones. Google has always existed. Wi-Fi is taken for granted. 92 % (even young kids) are online daily. Texting is the preferred communication method.

3. They are porn saturated.

No other generation has had pornography so readily available. A recent survey of college students found that 90% of incoming first-year students had watched porn before college, with 10% admitting to regularly watching it.

4. They do not hold traditional biblical sexual mores. 

According to a recent survey of gender identity, only 48% of 13 to 20-year-olds described themselves as “completely heterosexual.” By and large, they have little problem with the LGBTQ agenda. 

5. They are racially diverse.

Twenty-two percent of Gen-Z have at least one immigrant parent. 

6. They are independent thinkers.

The parenting of many of these children has been “hands-off.” This lack of direct parental oversight has led to a confidence that often lacks wisdom and boundaries.

7. They are constantly reminded of a troubled world. 

Remember, 9/11 happened after most of them were born (or perhaps they were small). They have lived through the Great Recession and constantly hear of “global warming” and wars and rumors of war. Anxiety and depression are common.

8. They are justice-minded. 

They want to make a difference in the world. They are kids who volunteer and have a heart for mission and justice. They will volunteer where other generations would rather “write a check.” By the way, many of them do not know how to write a check! Our churches must prepare for new ways of giving!

9. They are post-Christian. 

It is the most un-evangelized generation in the history of the U.S.A. According to LifeWay, only 28% have friends from church. Many Zs are growing up in homes where there is no religion whatsoever. 

10. They are open to faith. 

Although only 4 in 10 claim to attend religious services, 78% say they believe in God and are hungry for Spiritual things. We must reach them with the Gospel!
Resurrection Sunday is rapidly approaching. Jesus died and rose again for all tongues, tribes, nations (and generations). What are you doing to reach this Z-Generation?