6 Ways to Share Jesus as We Celebrate His Birthday

Christmas interior with gifts and decorated tree

This article was written by state missionary Ken Allen.

According to Lifeway Research, Christmas Eve is now the most attended service of the year. In fact, the month of December offers the church a wonderful opportunity to share the greatest gift known to man, Jesus. Here are a few ways to show the love of Christ and spread the gospel during the Christmas season.

1. Target a subdivision, low-income housing or mobile home park 

and give residents something such as a gift card.

2. Share the meaning of Christmas through social and print media.

Advertise the church’s Christmas season special events.

3. Take full advantage of a Christmas Eve service as an outreach opportunity. 

Print business cards for church members to hand out to their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors with the time of the service. Make the service an annual event so the community will make it a part of their Christmas celebration. Be intentional about sharing the gospel. Pray, pray, and pray for God to move.

4. Introduce a New Year sermon series at your Christmas Eve service.

The point is to give your guests reasons to start the new year in church. Promote a pastor’s breakfast on the first Sunday in January and have members bring their guests back.

5. Start the year with a new evangelism strategy.

You could select a specific area to reach or prioritize connecting with your community in specific ways. Offer training in presenting the gospel.

6. Decorate the outside of the church building with Christmas lights.

This could be a long-term investment with lights that are synced to music. Start a fund or each year add a little more to the outside decorations. The idea is to be an inviting place for the community. One night you could offer hot chocolate or a gift. 

The Christmas season is without a doubt a great time of year to show the love of Christ and share the gospel. It’s not about doing everything but about being intentional. Truly, Jesus is the world’s only hope. Merry Christmas!