7 Things to be Thankful For as a Pastor or Church Leader

Sign saying "Be thankful always" among background of gourds and leaves

This article was written by state missionaries Ken Allen and Rob Jackson.

Being a pastor or church leader is tough. We are often fatigued. At times, we are misunderstood and feel lonely, not to mention we have the constant weight of the church upon our shoulders. You cannot completely understand these statements unless you have served as a pastor/minister. But even with so many challenges as a Christian leader, here are a few blessings for which to be thankful.

1. The Gospel.

There is no better news than the Good News of Jesus Christ, who substituted His life for your life. He died so that you can live. He rose again, therefore you will rise and reign with Him. In the most troublesome days, we can thank God for who He is and what He has done!

2. Your calling.

God has called you to Himself. Not only has He granted you eternal life, but He selected you to serve Him as a spiritual leader of His flock. You have a tremendous privilege to serve as God’s undershepherd!

3. Your family.

God has blessed you with helpmates to walk alongside you in the good that may lighten your way or even the bad that may darken your day.

4. Your privilege.

He has chosen you to proclaim Christ and preach His Word. As Richard Baxter said, “Preach as a dying man to dying men and women.” God has called you to be a leader in the greatest mission that the world has ever known, evangelizing the lost and discipling the saved.

5. Your ability.

God has granted you the ability to spend time with Him, the King of Kings, each day. Just think, you have access to the Life of Christ. He is the Vine, and you are a branch.

6. Your service.

God uses you to care for people at their lowest and highest moments.

7. Your reward.

You will receive an eternal reward, being in God’s presence forever. Your labor is not in vain!