7 Tips Towards a Healthier Church

Number 7

This article was written by state missionary Rob Jackson.

Almost ninety percent of Alabama churches need revitalization, so we would love to help you. These seven things are helpful:

1. Make a Commitment.

It doesn’t matter if you have been at your current church for a few months or many years; God wants to move your church into a healthier position. Today is the day to commit to refocusing on revitalization. 

2. Examine both your 10-year attendance and giving patterns. 

Call us. We will gather this info and sit down with you and discuss these patterns.

3. Evaluate your community demographics. 

Let us run the demographics for you and work with you on developing a strategy to reach your area for Christ.

4. Know there is always hope. 

Sam Rainer correctly states, “If God can save any person, He can save any church.” We will be glad to share options for your church to move forward. 

5. Understand God is the revitalizer. 

You must seek His face in the process of moving towards better church health. 

6. Don’t give up too soon. 

Revitalization is a process; it takes time and it is not easy. However, it is rewarding! You have often heard it said, “No pain, no gain.” The church must ask itself, “Do we want to get well?”

7. Seek help from outside sources. 

We find that Alabama Baptist churches seeking help in the revitalization process are seeing the most significant growth. Let’s be honest, many pastors and churches refuse to ask for help. 

Begin today with a commitment to seek revitalization.