8 Reasons to Read More in ’24

Young man reading book with blue hardback binding

Most of us know that we need to read more, yet within our daily schedule it seems like a challenge to find time to read. However, reading 10 pages a day will equal 15 books per year. Here are several reasons to read on a daily basis:

1. Ministry.

Read to improve in your area of ministry. For example, pastors could read a book a year in the field of preaching and pastoring/shepherding.

2. Leadership. 

Look for a book on vision-casting, strategizing, implementing, etc. Consider reading the biography of a great leader.

3. Family. 

Read a marriage book with your spouse or a book you would both just enjoy. Once a year consider reading a book together as a family – include your grown children and share weekly what you are learning.

4. Soul care.

While we are caring for others, we must not neglect self-care. I would recommend Mark Dance’s book, Start to Finish. Furthermore, reading reduces stress and increases mental health.

5. Iron sharpening iron. 

Go to the next level by reading a book with your staff or other pastors/leaders. Meet weekly or monthly to discuss each chapter.

6. For planning.

Plan reading for what is upcoming. For example, plan six months ahead with your preaching and read accordingly. 

7. Church need. 

Prayerfully consider what needs are present in the church. Read with a group in the church to meet that need. 

8. For pleasure.

Add a novel or non-fiction to the mix. Or a book to support your hobby.
There are also different platforms for audio books. 

I have observed a difference in the lives of pastors/leaders who make a commitment to reading books. If you know someone in a leadership position, who makes reading a priority, ask them for recommendations. The KEY to your reading plan will be intentionality. Lay out the 15 books you will read and get to work reading 10 pages a day!

This article was written by state missionary Ken Allen.