9 Traits to Foster Evangelism in Your Ministry

Christian man holds holy bible in hands

This article was written by state missionary Rob Jackson.

As we begin 2024, let us renew our commitment to evangelism. After all, there is a direct correlation between an evangelistic church and an evangelistic pastor. These are some of the characteristics you and I can embrace for our churches to become more evangelistic:

1. Share Christ.

Your congregation will never become more evangelistic unless you intentionally witness as you go. Good deeds are wonderful, but evangelism must include sharing the Gospel with a non-believer.

2. Stay in the Word.

An effective witness shares from devotion instead of duty. Regular “quiet times” with God are a springboard for effective evangelism.

3. Make Prayer for the Lost a Priority.

This prayer involves you having a personal “most wanted” list and encouraging small groups/ Sunday School classes to pray for their “most wanted.”

4. Have Accountability.

When I was pastor at Central Baptist Church, we went through a period where the staff would report who we had shared the Gospel with each week. Baptisms went through the roof. Over time, we became less intentional with our accountability. We still baptized, but not to the same level. Even if you do not have a staff, find someone to hold you accountable in your evangelism efforts.

5. Preach Christ.

Your preaching should always point people to the glorious Gospel. 

6. Build Relationships Outside of “Church.

The most evangelistic pastors I know are looking in the community, joining the gym, coaching Little League, getting to know community and business leaders, and so forth. In other words, you must get outside the church building if you are going to impact your community for Christ.

7. Develop an Evangelistic Strategy.

Many churches in Alabama lack an evangelistic strategy. Not only must you be involved in one-on-one evangelism, you must also equip the saints to do the same.

8. Develop a Follow-up Strategy.

As Sammy Gilbreath used to say, “Evangelism isn’t complete until the person evangelized becomes a fruit-bearing disciple active in a local church.” Have a process for every member to follow as they become a disciple-maker.

9. Weep over People Who are Rejecting Christ.

Grieve that you know non-believers who have not repented and believed. Weep over the current lack of evangelism in our state and country.