9 Ways to Romance Your Bride

A man holding and hiding a red rose bouquet behind his back to surprise his bride

As Christian leaders, one of our priorities is to love and cherish our wives. Admittedly, mastering the art of romance is an ongoing journey. We often take one step forward and two steps back in showing love! As men, we agree with John Gray: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Good news… through prayerful labor, you can learn to show love and appreciation for your special gift from God. Below are nine suggestions to romance your bride:

1. Tell Her Often How Much You Love Her: 

She will never tire of hearing these words. Tell her unique things about her that you love and enjoy. 

2. Prioritize Regular Dates:

Schedule these moments on your calendar to ensure they remain a priority amidst life’s busyness.

3. Daily Quality Time:

Engage in shared activities such as watching a movie, conversing about her day, and connecting spiritually through prayer and reading the Word together. Listen to her and look at her when she talks. You show her through actions how much you value her.

4. Share Household Responsibilities: 

Recognize that romance can start with everyday tasks in the kitchen or laundry room. In short, show your love by helping around the house.

5. Understand Her Love Language:

Go beyond mere awareness of your spouse’s love language and actively express your affection in ways that resonate with her.

6. Embrace Romance: 

Engage in thoughtful gestures. Remember to open doors for her. Surprise her with flowers for no specific reason. Offer genuine displays of affection such as holding hands, sitting next to her on the sofa, and snuggling without expecting anything in return. Treat her like a queen.

7. Occasionally be Extravagant: 

Surprise your spouse with a special outing to an upscale restaurant where you must dress up for the date. Perhaps you may take her to a play, a concert, or a romantic picnic. Whatever it is, focus on something extravagant that she would enjoy.

8. Plan Memorable Getaways: 

Save up and surprise your spouse with an exciting vacation. This vacation doesn’t have to “break the bank.” However, quality time away from the routine of daily life with you can be relaxing and fun. These vacations create unforgettable memories together.

9. Thoughtful Gift Giving: 

Show appreciation on special occasions by planning and selecting meaningful gifts. Avoid last-minute rushes to find her a gift the night before (or the day of). Proactively planning and thinking through a gift is a tremendous way to show her your love.
These are only a few suggestions. Prayerfully consider how you can romance your bride for the edification of your family and the glory of God. 

This article was written by state missionaries Rob Jackson and Ken Allen.