A Look at Our 2024 Leadership Training Process and Schedule

Magnifying glass and calendar with a wooden cubes with 2024 over a blue background.

This article was written by state missionary Ken Allen.

In this week’s Ministry Moments, I want to re-introduce our leadership training process called Intentional Leader and share our 2024 events for LeaderCare and Church Health. 
The goal of Intentional Leader is to provide comprehensive leadership development based on biblical principles and practical application. The Intentional Leader Series will resource pastors with the tools and information needed to flourish as a leader.

In July 2022 the offices of LeaderCare and Church Health kicked off Intentional Leader with an overview. You can view that initial kickoff and follow-up events by following this link: LeaderCareAL.org
Training events are centered around the 4 P’s of Leadership: Person, Pastor, Preacher, and Pathfinder. Each of the 4 P’s will have their own stand-alone conference each year. Here’s a quick look at those 4 P’s:
Person: Who you are is at the heart of what you do. As a pastor or church leader you are a Christian. Your first priority is relating to God well. Intentionally relating to God and others and growing in an emotionally healthy way are vital to overall leadership. Self-awareness is one of the keys to relating to others. Knowing who you are in Christ is foundational.
Pastor: This aspect of leadership focuses on intentionally shepherding the sheep assigned to you. Relationship building is a major part of pastoring well. Your people will know if you genuinely care for them. Pastor, you will not lead well if you do not shepherd your people.

Preacher: Pastors must preach with intentionality, with a goal of where God wants to take His church.

Pathfinder: This trait focuses on the importance of strategically leading with intentionality.

2024 Intentional Leader and Church Health/Empower Series

Intentional Leader Series (Preacher), January 23 / This session will feature an introduction to the Logos software and training. The first 50 registrants will be able to purchase the software for $300. (Usual cost is $1700.) Registration and meal cost: $10

Leading Your Church in Outreach, dateTBD / Lawrence Phipps will share a strategy to train your church in consistent outreach. Cost: $10

Intentional Leader Series (Pathfinder), April 9 / Dan Garland will teach this session on how to strategically lead your church into greater overall health. Cost: $10

Intentional Leader Series (Person), July 23 / In this training, state missionaries Ken Allen and Rob Jackson will help you discover your leadership personality and potential as well as examine how you lead yourself and your family. Cost: $10

The Heart of Revitalization, August 13 / Mark Clifton, revitalization specialist with NAMB, will share practical tips on revitalizing your church. Cost: $10

Intentional Leader Series (Pastor), September 17 / Ken Allen and Rob Jackson will discuss practical tips for shepherding well. Cost: $10