Celebrating the Christmas Season

Shallow focus photo of Christmas Nativity figurine

This article was written by State Missionary, Rob Jackson.

The Christmas season is one of the most memorable times of the year in the life of a church. It is a season when people are especially receptive to discussing spiritual things. Here are eight ideas your church can do during this Christmas season:

1. Don’t stop at the birth story. 

The Christmas story is powerful—God came to dwell among us as a baby in Bethlehem. But this birth narrative is only part of the redemption story. Jesus grew, lived a sinless life, was crucified for sinners, buried, and rose again. Don’t assume everyone who attends your Christmas services to be Christ-followers. Let them hear the Gospel.

2. Look for ways to celebrate with other churches. 

I sought to reach out to other congregations during this time of the year. It provides an opportunity to build relationships with other churches in the body of Christ.

3. Open your eyes to see the needs in the community. 

The “y’all come” mentality is not what is needed. Granted, we do desire people to come to our services. However, let Christmas be a springboard to point your church to the needs around you. This is a perfect time to meet some of these needs.

4. Christmas can enhance our giving to others. 

At Christmas, your congregation is open to giving. God gave; therefore, we give. Capitalize on the giving spirit during this special time of celebration. 

5. Embrace those persons whom you haven’t seen since Easter. 

Don’t jest, “Happy Easter — I’ll see you then!” Instead, open your arms of love to these people who haven’t attended in a while. 

6. Reach inwardly. 

Intentionally go through the church rolls and invite everyone to celebrate the coming of the newborn King this Christmas season.

7. Reach outwardly. 

Again, people are receptive to the Gospel during Christmas. This time provides an opportunity to share Christ with friends and acquaintances. At a minimum, offer Gospel tracts for your members to include in their gifts to others. 

8. Capitalize on all the pageantry of the Christmas story. 

One way is to introduce your congregation to the Advent Wreath. Provide printed Advent readings for the Christmas season. Also, invite people to all the special celebrations in your church and area.

These are only a few suggestions. Whatever you do, remember the hope of the world has come wrapped in swaddling clothes. How are you celebrating Christmas?