Don’t Throw in the Towel When You Experience the Christmas Blues

Man sitting in chair appearing sad

This article was written by State Missionary, Rob Jackson.

We often hear from pastors and church leaders ready to throw in the towel during the holiday season. We are fatigued thinking about taking down the Christmas decorations, much less another year full of “fires” to put out. Perhaps you are one of them. We encourage you to consider these six things before moving on.

1. Don’t decide to leave without a lot of prayer. 

Don’t be hasty! Pray and ask God for His will in the situation. Seek a godly friend to pray with you concerning this decision.

2. Don’t leave because you are weary.

You are tired. We get this. Instead of resigning, ask the church leadership for time away to pray, hear from God, and rest.

3. Don’t leave because your church is in decline. 

I promise you; a new pastor will not be a silver bullet to bring about growth. Instead of going elsewhere, let us at the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions pray with you and work to develop a new strategy for effective ministry. Learn to dream again.

4. Don’t leave running from a problem. 

By this statement, we mean that it will probably follow you if you are running from a situation. Instead, go because you are being called by God somewhere else.

5. Don’t leave because another church looks better. 

Serving God is tough anywhere you go. We have learned through the years; the grass may look greener on the other side because it is often growing over a septic tank!

6. Don’t leave because the people have grown complacent. 

Perhaps God has called you as His instrument to breathe life once again into dead bones.

We are not saying that God is not calling you to another assignment. Instead, we are encouraging you to slow down and pray before you seek to leave your current church. Make sure it is God leading you!