Intentionally Leading Well in 2023

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This article was written by State Missionary, Ken Allen.

Leading well involves planning. If you and I are not careful, our days will melt away with little to show. Below are principles related to God, relationships and mission. Putting intentional emphasis on each area will create a better leadership environment in this new year.

1. Begin each day spending time with God. 

Men, we all know that He is the Vine. Ministry is difficult. Ministry without God’s sustaining grace is impossible. Our flesh is simply weak. Our joy and peace are not found in ministry success but in Jesus. Leading well is moment-by-moment dependence on the risen Christ.

2. Be God-aware throughout the day. 

I want to give you a nuanced difference in the previous point. Attempt to see God at work through daily life circumstances. For instance, we all have difficult conversations in ministry. Recently I said to someone with whom I was having a difficult conversation, “I wonder what God is teaching me through this conversation.” Another good idea is to station notes in key areas to remind you of His presence.

3. Memorize a verse a week. 

4. Put a date with your wife on the calendar at least monthly. 

Show her that she is second only to God in priority and importance. Value her and request her input as you journey through life. You will be a healthier leader if your family is a priority.

5. Make sure you have three good friends 

One who will be a wise counselor, another who is similar to you in age/ministry and someone younger whom you can mentor/disciple. Cultivate honesty and openness in your relationships.

6. Set aside time to read. 

I have observed a difference in the lives of pastors who make a commitment to reading books. If you know someone in a leadership position and who makes reading a priority, ask them for recommendations. Go to the next level by reading a book with your staff or other pastors.

7. Understand what should be accomplished in your life and in the life of the church and then prioritize your day accordingly. 

Give the best energy of your day to accomplish those priorities.

Leadership is a process. It will always be UNFINISHED. Applying all the above will create spiritual and leadership momentum. Seeking accountability is of critical importance. Pray. Pray. Pray.

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Rob Jackson, Director of Church Health,
Ken Allen, Director of LeaderCare,