Mid-Year Review

Red marker pen near paper with check list and question mark on sticky note

I was drinking coffee with my mother early one morning, and she remarked, “Can you believe June is almost over? Just think, half of the year is gone. Time is flying by!” She is correct. Just last week, I completed the mid-year reviews for the Office of Evangelism & Church Revitalization. One way we ensure we stay on target at the State Board of Missions is to evaluate regularly. On a personal note, it is healthy for you and me to examine our lives and ministry as well. Today is a good day for a mid-year spiritual checkup:

1. Have you been consistent with your daily quiet times? 

Are you following through with your daily Bible reading plan? Have you been in the Word each day other than sermon prep?

2. How is your daily prayer time? 

Are you spending quality time in prayer? Or are you hurriedly saying prayers as you are rushing out the door?

3. What Scripture have you memorized in the last six months? 

Have you been effective in “hiding God’s Word in your heart”?

4. Have you been taking time with your family? 

What does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his family! Your family needs regular, undivided attention from you. 

5. How consistent have you been with an exercise program? 

Your body is the temple of the living God. Are you keeping this temple in terrific shape (physically and spiritually)?

6. Have you been effective in developing a rhythm of rest? 

You cannot be as effective for Christ if you do not rest.

7. How have you been with the battle of the mind? 

Temptation is real. Have you experienced victory over sin this year? Do you need to repent? Do you have an accountability partner?

8. Who has come to faith recently because you shared Christ? 

How often have you shared the Gospel with unbelievers these past six months?

9. How effective have you been in cultivating your godly friendships? 

Remember, as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. 

10. How effective does your family think you have been as a spiritual leader these past six months?

Your family sees you when no one else is looking. 

This mid-year review is not designed to discourage you. All of us fall short! However, I pray that it serves as motivation to finish the second part of this year well. I know in my life reading these ten questions has shown me areas I need to improve as I complete 2024. I want to finish well. How about you? 

This article was written by state missionary Rob Jackson.