Six Important Reminders about World Missions 

Passports on the world map

This article was written by state missionary Ken Allen.

With all that is happening in the world, this is a opportune time to present again the need to reach the world for Christ. Here are six impressive reminders in this season of missions giving.

1. As you promote missions giving there will be a high return.

Christianity is expanding around the world. According to Pew Research, Christianity is growing faster than the birth rate worldwide.

2. The Great Commission calls every believer to be involved in making disciples in all nations.

Our witness is complete when we are reaching the uttermost parts of the world.

3. Every believer is responsible for reaching the world for Christ.

Giving does not relieve us of our obligation to reach people personally.

4. The world is coming to us.

Look for opportunities to reach the nations around you.

5. Preach to call out believers the Lord may be calling to reach the nations.

God is always calling the church to go to the nations.

6. Expect opposition.

We battle the enemy as we engage in reaching people for Christ. Sometimes the opposition is within the church.
Doors for the gospel are opening all the time. Although there will be opposition, we must remember “and lo I am with you always…”