Six Practices Used in Spiritual Renewal

number six

This article was written by state missionary Ken Allen.

We are seeing some evidence of God’s Spirit moving across the country. From Asbury to the movie Jesus Revolution, God is bringing His people back to Himself. What is the goal of renewal? To experience the undeniable presence and power of God working in and through the church and to reflect a love for God and obedience to His Word. With that in mind, here are six practices to help you begin the process of reaching that stated goal. 

1. All attempts to seek the Lord in prayer are important.

Claude King shared a story recently of how a lady prayed for more than a year for a specific church to plant a church in her area (Las Vegas). God answered her prayer and sent a planter from, and sponsored by, that church. I believe that we are vastly undervaluing prayer.

2. Discover or develop someone to be a prayer leader.

Equip them through books, conferences and other prayer leaders. 

3. Lead people to pray specifically. 

Spend some time with members individually and as a group discovering the most pressing need in the church. Dedicate church services periodically to pray specifically.

4. Have someone share a testimony who has recently experienced personal and/or church revival. 

Two quotes to share: “The fame of revival spreads the flame of revival” and “Revival spreads on the wings of testimony.”

5. Use a renewal tool. 

Be deliberate and remember that the purpose of the tool is renewal, not to complete a workbook. Some examples include Come to the Lord’s TableReturn to Me by Claude King and Forty Days of Seeking God by Gregory Reed Frizzell.

6. A simple disciple-making process can be effective toward personal and corporate renewal. 

The most worthy pursuit is loving God with all your heart. Our own personal relationship with God should be pursued with passion. May God grant us a revival that awakens each of us to the reality of His presence and a purpose to reach others with the gospel.