You Need Prayer as Resurrection Sunday is Approaching

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This article was written by state missionary Rob Jackson.

This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. We will blink our eyes, and Resurrection Sunday will be upon us. For Christians, there is a building excitement leading up to this big day. And yet, for some pastors, this exciting season of the church can be difficult. I know because I’ve been there. Enlist prayer warriors to pray for you during this season:

1. You are under spiritual attack.

Prayers are needed because Satan is alive. He attacks you as we celebrate our Lord’s glorious Passion and Resurrection.

2. You will be tired. 

The weeks leading up to Easter are often filled with so much busyness that you may neglect your personal time with God.

3. You are under pressure to “knock it out of the park.” 

From Palm Sunday until Resurrection Day, you place a tremendous amount of stress upon yourself to “hit a home run.” You need prayers to re-focus on your audience of One.

4. You need the power of the Holy Spirit to enable you to proclaim His story in a fresh and enlightening way. 

Everyone present needs to hear this beautiful Gospel. Your words are empty apart from the Holy Spirit speaking through you. Pray for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit.

5. You need to preach with expectancy. 

There will be non-believers and “casual” attendees present on Easter. Have your prayer warriors pray for people to be drawn to our Resurrected Lord. Also, ask them to pray for you that you will have an expectancy that God will open the eyes and ears of those present. 

6. You need to release your pressure.

We often feel anxious to have record attendance. As a pastor, I usually had a numerical goal I prayed would come to the Easter Services. When these numbers were not reached, I would become discouraged. There is an understated pressure to have a large crowd. As an IMB missionary of old Bertha Smith used to say, “Let go and let God.”

7. You need resurrection joy. 

Let’s be real. Ministry is tough. Moreover, life is hard. You may struggle in your church, health, marriage, with children, and so forth. You need prayer warriors praying that you experience this resurrection joy in your personal life. I know that when I am struggling, proclaiming the hope of the resurrection is much more difficult.

If you are a pastor or church leader, share this Ministry Moment (and add some personal requests) with several people. Ask them to pray for you. Easter is approaching. You need prayer support as you seek to prepare for and proclaim the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord!